Solar Eclipse
Starry Sky

Thank you for joining our Journey to becoming the most influential Artist's.  Joshua, Heidi, Gunner and Titan are the First Family of NFT's, we collaborate and make our own NFT collections and sell out!

Joshua is quickly becoming the most well known Abstract artist of all time.  Join our journey to our next destination.  We travel around the world and speak at NFT/crypto events, while finding talented people that are changing the world with technology to connect with.

Our little family will also be staring in NFT the Movie -West Coast.  Come Join our journey in Web3.  Also, make sure to sign up for out Family Newsletter

Welcome to the Family

Our NFT Family and Community

We are so excited for what's to come in 2022!   Joshua has always had a passion for abstract art and it moves me to see him paint, I am his biggest cheerleader and will shout his name from the roof tops!  We started embedding codes into his art and connect the fine art piece to its one of a kind NFT.  While starting our journey into NFT's we Jeff Crane, CEO and executive producer of NFT the Movie.  He invited us to Miami to be interviewed along with many other talented NFT artist.  While in Miami at the event, We saw magic and how everyone flocked and stood in line for hours to be interviewed for NFT the Movie. We Knew we needed to put everything we had into making this movie or we would be kicking ourselves.   We invested quickly in the brand and became fast partners.  It's all been history since then.  We are now the Creative Art Directors and Heidi is the CNO (Chief NFT Officer) for NFT the Movie.  We search for talent and connection all over the world.  Our goal is to make sure other project get spot light to add to the changing world we are currently in.  We are connected with Metaverses, Musicians, Artist and film makers.