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The First Family of NFT's

Who We Are


Joshua & Heidi 

Dad and Mom of Gunner and Titan Gillman.  We are a family that believes in following our dream.  We love adventure and take risks.  Joshua is a well known Artist, NFT Art Director and Heidi is a technology queen and can learn and make anything.  They are Partner's with NFT the Movie,

Stars in NFT the Movie West Coast and Founder's of The First Family of NFT's.  We are amazing Artist that if you buy the right painting it has an embedded chip in it that connects directly to the one of a kind NFT, 

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Parallel Lines

Gunner Gillman

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5 Yr old NFT Artist and Artist for  Gunner Monster NFT

Gunner is an ambition and creative 5 year old who will conquer the world!  He is fearless and loves adventure.  Gunner made his first Gunner Monster at age 4, hour collaboration collection sold unique Monsters on Wax


Titan Gillman

Office Manager (He thinks)

Titan is a busy little guy and loves to paint with his daddy. Titan has a heart of gold and loves his big brother Gunner.  of course Titan couldn't just be like his older brother and make a selling out NFT collection,  living in Gunner's shadow.
We made him the first 2 year old to have a Crypto Currency Token on the Polygon network named Titan Token 

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